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The South Carolina Tobacco-Free Collaborative (TFC) promotes and supports advocacy for tobacco-safe communities among the membership, at regional, state and national levels.  By advocating for policy change on tobacco-related issues, we can reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, strengthen prevention activities and increase cessation rates.  TFC is instrumental in organizing grassroots efforts that communicate the need for policy change to the policy makers at all levels.

Comprehensive tobacco control policies are critical components to reducing the toll of tobacco use in South Carolina.  And effective tobacco control cannot be imagined without the involvement of decision-makers.  This is often accomplished through legislative advocacy.

What is legislative advocacy?

Advocacy is the act of mobilizing individuals to spark changes in programs and policies.  Legislative advocacy is mobilizing individuals and organizations to show their support of a cause to policy and lawmakers.  Legislative advocacy can involve activities such as encouraging supporters to contact their legislators regarding an issue and also educating both legislators and the general public about the issue.

The TFC’s letter to Senator Pinckney regarding S. 1378 – a bill to offer cessation coverage to all insured persons in South Carolina. 

We encourage you to develop a similar letter and submit it to Senator Pinckney as well as your elected officials.

Your Voice Counts!

It’s vital that our state leaders hear from you.  Share your thoughts about tobacco-related issues with your legislators.  Send a letter, drop an email, make a phone call.
Make your voice heard – Make It Happen!

Government Links:
Governor's Office
Lt. Governor's Office
State Legislature

Link to map showing how South Carolina compares to other states on Cigarette Tax rates, Smoke-free Workplace laws, and Tobacco Prevention Spending.

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